Manchester Krav Maga Imi sde orKrav  Maga Manchester answers the question, what is Krav Maga?  Krav Maga is the hand to hand combat system of the Israeli Military. It’s simple, straight forward method and realistic approach make Krav Maga an exceptional choice for anyone wanting practical self protection skills. British Krav Maga promotes the teaching and training  of authentic Israeli Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is an extraordinary self protection system. Krav Maga was designed to enable ordinary men and women to protect themselves in the shortest time possible. It is not a martial art; it is a fighting system focused on protecting yourself or the people you love. Seventy years of  frontline training, and evolution have resulted in a methodology that’s simple, intuitive and highly effective.

How is Krav Maga different to Martial Arts?

Krav Maga is focused on simplicity and realism. If it’s complicated or hard to learn, it won’t be taught and it won’t work in the real world.  Krav Maga is a field-stripped ‘martial art’ with the sole focus on surviving and escaping.

There is a strong emphasis on simple, natural movements, as these are are faster to learn and more effective under stress. Krav Maga values a practical and realistic approach to training. It has no sporting or competitive elements.

Krav Maga – Forged on the battlefield, not in the classroom

The most significant different between Krav Maga and the Martial Arts is that Krav Maga has an unparalleled level of testing and development.

Krav Maga is the most proven self protection method anywhere – every technique has been tried and tested in every imaginable theatre, from warfare to law enforcement, and on the street. In every case, year after year, it has been proven to work.

Where does Krav Maga Come from?

Krav Maga comes from Israel. The system was developed as a simple and effective method of teaching conscripts how to protect themselves should they be captured or loose their weapon.

The Krav Maga training proved so successful that it is now used  by over 500 military and law enforcement agencies across the world.  Krav Maga is the only ‘martial art’ with over 70 years continuous battlefield use and testing.

Intelligent, socially responsible training

Krav Maga teaches intelligent, socially appropriate methods of avoiding or responding to danger.  We train ordinary people to protect themselves within the bounds of law. We don’t encourage violence or aggression.

Violence and aggression are not the objective of Krav Maga. Training includes verbal de-escalation drills, body language and an approach to self protection that is inline with UK laws and moral behavior.

Krav Maga – Pirated – copied – and imitated

Krav Maga’s reputation is such that numerous unscrupulous individuals attempt to cash in on the name. The range of charlatans and imitators is so extensive than it can be difficult to find real Krav Maga.

If it’s prefaced ‘such and such’ Krav Maga then it almost certainly isnt Krav Maga


Who learns Krav Maga?
Krav Maga was designed for everyone.  Not just elite military units. Krav Maga is for teachers, doctors, nurses, mothers, grandfathers and even children. Krav Maga is learned by ordinary people with an interest in fitness or protecting themselves.

Krav Maga is learned by normal people – in fact, people just like you