British Krav Maga Organisation Misleading Claims

The British Krav Maga Association is aware of a number of misleading claims made by one Mr Wayne Edwards, (AKA Master E) of Didsbury Kickboxing. He is also trading as the ‘British Krav Maga Organisation’.  Edwards sells Krav Maga ‘Instructor ‘ courses in the Manchester area recognised by his trading name,  the British Krav Maga Organisation.



Mr Edwards of Didsbury Blackbelt Adademy made the following claims on his website Manchester Krav Maga . com


1. Qualified Krav Maga Instructor


Mr. Edwards attempted BKMA Instructor training in March and April 2013 but did not pass the course. In April Mr Edwards claimed to have passed and stated that he was a qualified Krav Maga Instructor ( The Association contacted Mr Edwards regarding the accuracy of his claims asking him to remove them. Eventually Mr Edwards removed the claim replacing it instead with ‘Krav Maga Instructor trained’. It is our belief that Mr Edwards delayed removing the claim in order to mislead his students about the outcome of his course and the reason he was not proceeding as a BKMA recognised Instructor.


Recently, Mr Edwards has made a number of legal threats in an attempt to gag the Association regarding these claims. Mr Edwards has threatened to sue the Association for both defamation and use Data Protection legislation to prevent us responding publicly to his claims. The Association will defend it’s right to respond to false or misleading information released into the public domain by Mr Edwards.


2. Training in Krav Maga since 2004



In April 2013 Mr Edwards told his fellow course candidates and the course tutor that he had previously seen Krav Maga in America but that he had ‘no significant training’. As would be expected, Mr Edwards was unaware of fundamental Krav Maga techniques, terminology and training methods. By late April Mr Edwards was claiming via that he had been training in Krav Maga since 2004.


Again, the Association was able to reveal this information as Mr Edwards course had publicised his claims prior to our statement.


3. Krav Maga Instructor Courses


In July 2013 Mr Edwards began trading under the name of the ‘British Krav Maga Organisation’ advertising Instructor certifications recognised by this ‘Organisation’. This Organisation was almost identically branded to the British Krav Maga Association using near identical websites, T shirts, certificates and branding colours.


To the best of our knowledge Wayne Edwards holds no Krav Maga Instructor grade or certifications from any recognised Krav Maga Organisation.