Credibility – The Number One Aspect to Consider when Choosing a Krav Maga Class

Krav Maga is a regular martial art with proper rules and instructions to create a stronger and tougher you. Naturally, this requires much skill and expertise on the part of the trainer. But, unfortunately, nowadays there are several training institutes or individuals who claim to be experts without the requisite preparation. So, once you have decided to train in this martial art, make sure your Krav Maga Manchester trainer has the credibility to teach you the art.

Instructor’s Training

Training in Krav Maga is not just about a completion certificate. Many of these certificates can be obtained by sitting at home and doing distance courses in Krav Maga. Although this sounds ridiculous, it is true. Certificates can be obtained from some nondescript institute in Israel with some Hebrew written on them.

Using that as a sign of authenticity, people are setting up Krav Maga training institutes and charging hefty sums for the courses offered. How can distance learning teach one the rigorous real life skills that are an integral part of any Krav Maga training? Moreover, some even become Krav Maga trainers after a crash course of a few days. These can never equal the arduous training spanning hundreds of hours that one can receive in a Krav Maga Manchester institute.

To avoid being duped, feel free to ask about the training details of the instructor under whom you are considering enrolment. If he is confident about his training, he will happily answer your questions. But if he shies away from your queries, it makes sense to give your decision a second thought.

Get Brand Conscious

The British Krav Maga Association, Krav Maga Global and IKMF are a few of the authentic names in Krav Maga training. Instructors of these institutes or accredited brands are fully qualified in the techniques of this martial art. You can be assured that they have gone through a period of methodical training and exhibited exceptional skills before becoming a Krav Maga instructor.

Ask For Reference

Apart from checking out the authenticity of your instructor yourself, you can also consider references from close friends. First-hand experience is always a good test of credibility.

At Krav Maga Manchester, our instructors have received rigorous and exhaustive training in Krav Maga before they start training students.

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