Krav Maga Beginners Course

Krav maga Manchester runs a regular Krav Maga beginners course in the Salford area.

The Krav Maga beginners course is a specialist programme which is an accelerated learning programme for new Kravists. The beginners programme focuses on teaching students how to identify and avoid common street attacks and provides you with a simple set of reliable self defence skills if you can’t.

Over the course you’ll typically learn the Krav Maga approach to dealing with:

  • Pre conflict training – verbal drills – awareness
  • Conflict drills – dealing with aggressive people, identifying impending violence, avoiding sucker punches and common set ups for robbery/assault
  • Combatives – applying Krav Maga strikes and the use of blunt force trauma in self defence
  • Escapes and releases from common holds and techniques
  • Fighting from the ground – what to do if you fall to the ground, dealing with standing attackers, what to do if someone is mounted on top of you
  • Common street weapons – from Broken bottles to knives, screwdrivers and hammers – what to do to survive
  • Dealing with more than one attacker

We run a krav maga beginners course once a month, why not come and get involved?

krav maga manchester instructor

Krav Maga Manchester is run by local Instructor Dean Saitch.

  • 2ND Dan in Trad Jiu Jitsu
  • 2ND Dan San Shou
  • Graduate Krav Maga Instructor
  • Black Belt in Thai Boxing BIKMA
  • L.3 Personal Trainer
  • Krav Maga Instructor Wingate Institue (Israel)