Self Defence Myths Busted

krav maga manchester instructor dean saitchKnowledge is powerful, but it is the right knowledge that helps in practice. Clouded by myths, self-defence can turn against you, defeating its very purpose. Experienced instructors at authentic self defence classes Manchester shatter these myths as they teach you about defending yourself in the real world.

Myth #1: You Invite an Attacker with your Demeanour

It is often believed that attackers prey on individuals who appear wealthy, beautiful or display a lackadaisical look.

Training at qualified self defence classes Manchester would make you realise that none of these, except how you react when attacked, matters. You attract an attacker more by being preoccupied with your phone or handbag than by the way you look or dress.

Myth #2: Non-Violent Methods Make for a Defencive Technique

A common self-defence advice includes making the attacker see reason so that you can neutralise the situation peacefully. A psychopath or a mugger is what he or she is because he/ she has lost the capacity to reason. Your aim must be to defend yourself by attacking the other person before he/ she does.

Another ill-advised behaviour is to avoid eye contact with the attacker. Making eye contact could defend you as it works psychologically on the attacker – the mere fact that you are not afraid to see the attacker in the eye and record the face mentally, can make several attackers nervous, giving you valuable time to strike.

Myth #3: Use your Keys to Escape an Attacker

A core instruction that professional self defence classes Manchester teach you is not to lose time when attacked. Digging in for your keys and pepper sprays are a loss of valuable time and can be fatal.

Further, you need to be close to the attacker to use keys, which even if used, are not going to inflict debilitating pain on the attacker. You only increase the chances of the attacker turning more violent.

Myth #4: Focus on Defending yourself from the Blows and Strikes

While defending yourself from blows and kicks is important, it is crucial to deliver counter-attack whenever possible. Professional self defence classes Manchester teach you to use skilled physical movements that can inflict pain on your attacker. Classes also train you in exercises that increase your physical endurance of pain.

The right movement at the right time can make a difference of life and death in an attack. It’s important to attend professional self defence classes Manchester to master genuine life-saving techniques. At Krav Maga Manchester, we have qualified and experienced instructors to teach you to be sensibly prepared when faced with a violent situation.

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